Home Horoscope Rashifal- Comple Information Of horoscope,Kundali, Astrology, Zodiac Sign And More

Rashifal- Comple Information Of horoscope,Kundali, Astrology, Zodiac Sign And More

Rashifal- Comple Information Of horoscope,Kundali, Astrology, Zodiac Sign And More
Before knowing the horoscope (Rashifal) it is very important to know the movement of the planets because our life is affected by the transit of planets. At the beginning of the year, the combination of two slow motion planets, Saturn and Jupiter, will remain in Capricorn. Here Shani Dev will be sitting in his zodiac sign Capricorn throughout the year, but Jupiter will change his movement. On 6 April, Dev Guru Jupiter will transit in Aquarius and stay there till September 15 and will return to Capricorn in retrograde state. After this, once again the transit of Jupiter will be in Aquarius on 20 November. This movement of Jupiter will give rise to many types of events. As far as Rahu and Ketu are concerned, both of them will remain in Taurus and Scorpio in a strong position respectively for the whole year. Apart from this, if you see another big planet Mars, then at the beginning of the year, it will be located in its own Aries Aries and will be in a strong position. After this, between February and April, they will make a co-sign with Rahu in Taurus, which will give a sharp effect and transiting from there through the zodiac signs Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Libra respectively. will do. This implies that the transit of Mars will occur in the beginning of the year and the end of the year. Now, if we talk about the remaining planets, Venus will be in Scorpio in the beginning of the year and Mercury will be in Sagittarius and both these planets will travel in different zodiac signs throughout the year and Sun God will be in Sagittarius at the beginning of the year and By the end of the year, every month will transit in different zodiac signs and affect the public. This transit of planets will affect our life in various ways which we can understand very well through the prediction of the year 2021. The horoscope we are presenting is 2021 according to Vedic astrology method by experienced astrologers and based on your lunar sign. All the important aspects of your life have been included in this horoscope, including your career, job, occupation, your health, wealth and financial status, your love life, marital life, and year-round predictions about children and education. This horoscope 2021 has been calculated keeping in mind the location change i.e. transit of all the Navagrahas of the Solar System. Because according to astrology, all these planets and their influence affects every zodiac in some way or the other. In such a situation, the result of these planets and their effects, the people will get fruits this year. Because all the good and bad events that happen in our life depends on the movement of these planets. For example, if the influence of planets on a zodiac sign is favorable, the natives of that zodiac will get good results in that time period, while on the contrary if any planet is negatively affected by the zodiac, then all the natives of that zodiac will also get good results. Accordingly, negative results are obtained. In such a situation, many kinds of questions arise in the minds of the people about their new year, whether they will be able to complete all their former works this new year? Know from this annual horoscope 2021 how the movement of stars will change your situation? Will it be rich or upset in terms of money? Will the flowers blossom in love or will the beloved forget? Will there be love or wrangling in relationships? Will the problem of the job be resolved or will you be worried? Will he be rich in 2021 or will Armaan pass like this? Will health problems get rid of? Will there be progress in career or new challenge? Will your hands be yellow or the marriage will stop? Will the dream of the house be fulfilled? What will be the pleasure of the vehicle this year?

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