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Life360 – Best Mobile Caller Location Tracker App

Life360 –  Best Mobile Caller Location Tracker App
Mobile Number Location – Phone call locator free app helps you search mobile number, mobile locator, STD and ISD code without internet. Life360’s Family Locator is the most accurate and powerful family locator app. It has been updated with many new features like Life360 Circle and Life360 Location. Using the latest GPS tracking technology, with the Life360 Family Locator you can: • View family member location on invitation-only map • Choose when you want to share your location for each circle • Chat as a one-for-one or every person within the Life360 circle • Location alert starts when the circle member reaches the destination • Track a stolen or lost phone Life360’s family locators are now circles. The circles are basically groups of family, friends, soccer teammates, etc. The sky is its limit. Create a circle for the next camping trip. When the trip is over, remove the circle or keep it to plan for the next trip. It is very easy. You can choose position preferences for each circle. Some circles can be just communication channels while others can use all the features of the Life360 family locator. Don’t worry about information leaking to other circles. The Life360 features options and data specific to every circle. Chatting within the Family Locator app is free and easy. Chat is limited to the same circle in which every Life360 family locator circle is a member of you. In every circle you can choose to chat with everyone together or have a private conversation in a one-to-one form. Now you can save money on expensive phone bills. Stay connected with your favorite people These days most text messages flying around on airways have questions like: Where are you? What happened? Just open the Life360 Family Locator Map and see where your family members are 24 hours 7 days a week. As long as the location feature of the circle member remains on, their exact location will appear on the map. The Life360 Family Locator app has specific location alerts for every circle. For your family circle you can use Life360 location to trigger alerts with location updates for school, work, soccer practice, friends and home. Then, when you arrive at Starbucks, the library, your boyfriend / girlfriend’s place, new fashionable restaurants, or some place of your contemplation, you can trigger an alert for your friend circle. The app automatically sends alerts to indicate that you have finished. Use family locator to protect family Parents with children love the Life360 Family Locator App. They can see the app’s map on their phone and get peace of mind knowing that their children are in a safe place, going to a pre-determined destination, or coming home. In emergencies, the Life360 Family Locator app has a built-in panic feature. This feature will automatically send phone calls, emails, text messages, and your GPS tracking coordinates to everyone in your Life360 family locator circle. They will instantly know exactly where you are and they will receive phone calls. If they are at work and their phones are off, they will receive an email immediately and they can quickly check their phone. Anxiety feature can bypass bad phone lines and provide a lifeline to all your family members. Life360 Premium with some amazing features offered for a small monthly or discounted annual fee. You can even try it free for 30 days. Check out some features: Features of Mobile Location Tracker ★ Find your current mobile location ★ Save important mobile locations as favorite locations ★ Find route to your favorite locations any time. ★ Easily share your mobile location to friends and family. ★ Find nearby atm, bank, hospital, pharmacy etc, there distance and travel time. ★ See all your mobile location history any time date wise. ★ If you want to track your family members or friends location, simply install this app in there mobile. later check location history in there mobile. ★ Send your mobile location to family during emergency. ★ This app works like Gps Route finder and mobile gps location tracker.

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